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The RED APPROVED StormBox Pro breaks out all four EXT I/O functions on industry standard ports, so you can use timecode, genlock, SmallHD Control, and Run/Stop triggers, all at the same time! The same professional grade cables that work with other cameras and audio recorders, can now work with your Komodo or V-Raptor… no dongles or adapters required!


    • 5 pin Timecode In/Out
    • 4 pin RCP2 CTRL (for SmallHD monitors)
    • 3 pin Run/Stop Trigger (Fischer-style)
    • BNC Genlock Input 
    • All-aluminum enclosure
    • Included Storm Lock quick release mounting system
    • Ultra durable port markings
    • Integrated 9 pin EXT cable with genuine right angle LEMO connector

    Who is this for?

    • If you only need to use one feature of the EXT port at a time, you're just fine as is. Most basic Komodo/V-Raptor shoots can be accomplished with a custom 9 pin cable, that does one thing: For example, using a StormCable for timecode, or the USB to 9 pin CTRL cable that comes with SmallHD control kits, or the new 7 pin to 9 pin Tilta Nucleus M Run/Stop cable for remote R/S. 
    • If you're shooting multicam, want to rent out your Komodo or V-Raptor on ShareGrid, or want to use all your gear at the same time, like a SmallHD Monitor CTRL, with a Tilta Nucleus-M, and a Tentacle Sync/NanoLockit for timecode -- the StormBox Pro was made for you. 
    • Mount it anywhere with the included Storm Lock quick release plate, or screw a magic arm or cold shoe adapter into the threaded 1/4"-20 on the back. You could even attach it to 15mm rails with a simple SmallRig 15mm rod mount. StormBox Pro was designed to become a part of your rig, not hinder it. 

    How tough is it?

    • Our commitment to quality is unwavering. The StormBox Pro, being our most complex product yet, incorporates all of the lessons we've learned shipping nearly 700 StormCables since Komodo's launch last year.
    • The 9 pin 0B connector is truly unique in the film industry. The 28 gauge solder cups are extremely small, and we've learned a few tricks along the way to ensure every StormCable and StormBox that leaves our shop doesn't come back.

      Why did you make this?

      • For our clients. From StormCables, to 12G SDI cables, and now the StormBox Pro, we remain dedicated to providing best-in-class gear, for the most demanding filmmakers. We wanted to offer a complete range of solutions for those who push the limits on set. 

        Compatibility tested with:

        • Tentacle Sync / Sync E
        • Ambient Lockit
        • Ambient NanoLockit
        • Denecke JB-1
        • Denecke SB-3
        • Denecke SB-T
        • Genlock Sync Boxes/Rack Mount Generators
        • Tilta Nucleus Nano 
        • Tilta Nucleus M
        • Preston MDR 3/4 
        • SmallHD Focus Pro
        • SmallHD Focus Pro OLED
        • SmallHD Indie 7
        • SmallHD Cine 7 

        More gear is being tested every week, but any industry standard 5 pin Timecode, BNC Genlock, RCP2 CTRL or 3 pin R/S device is expected to work with the StormBox Pro! Email sales@thomsonvisuals.com for cable recommendations. 

        * - Important note: TC Output will be enabled in a future Komodo/V-Raptor firmware update. Pin 2 of the 3 pin Run/Stop port is not connected. The Komodo/V-Raptor does not provide 24V power, so we can't pass power that doesn't exist. In other words, the 3 pin R/S port is for trigger only, not power output. 

        Package Contents:

        • StormBox Pro (w/ 9 pin EXT right angle LEMO® cable)
        • Storm Lock Quick Release Kit (Base/Top Plate w/ 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and M6-1.0 screws (so you can mount on ARRI Rosettes, too) 
        • StormBox Pro Quick Guide


        • Weight: 96 grams body only, 112 grams with cable. 
        • Enclosure Dimensions: 64.75 x 40.5 x 27.4 mm
        • Cable Length: 10" - so, long enough to reach the Timmy Rib spot, but short enough to be manageable. 
        • Made in the USA with US and Imported Parts
          • Enclosure made in Canada
          • EXT LEMO® made in Switzerland
          • Built in California
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